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Get your Lashes Wet

My beautiful clients and followers you know how much I love and appreciate you. Let’s have a come to Jesus moment. You Tampa ladies are loving your summer activities beachin, swimmin, cleanin, air boatin, sweating and pretty much any thing else you can think of to get you in this beautiful Florida Sunshine for a bronzed Goddess Glow. 

Science shows that at this time of the year your natural lashes shed even quicker than the rest of the year. That means your extensions are going to fall out quicker as well. Help a girl out and get your lashes wet!! That’s right your beautiful lash extensions are 100% water proof.  That means you should be washing them every night before bed and after being outside for your favorite summer activities. Wash and rinse out the sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, salt water, dirt, oil, skin cells and any other yuckiness that could cause an eye infection. 

Clean lashes literally mean healthier lashes and longer wear of your extensions. Here are some of my favorite products including a borboletabeauty brush and Chrissanthie Cleanser with Tea Tree. Both are sold at the Spa and I will be super excited to show you how to use them. Happy Summer 💜


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