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Are My Lashes Too Short for Lash Extensions?

I often get asked the question, "Are my lashes too short for lash extensions?" Most people think you need long, thick, luxurious lashes for lash extensions in Westchase. When instead shorter less full lashes are one of the more fun lashes to apply extensions to.

Sure if you already have long and thick lashes applying eyelash extensions will give you more drama and create a darker more thick lash line. However if you have shorter more sparse lashes a beautiful set of short thick lash extensions will create a beautiful full look, making your eyes "pop".

Most women are candidates for lash extensions in Westchase, even if you have thinning lashes. I can easily correct your look with a couple different lash applications including Volume Lash extensions.

Every woman's lash look is customized specifically for her wants, her natural lashes, the health of her natural lashes and the desired out come. Check out the book now link on my home page and stop in for a free consultation to see which lash extensions in Westchase look is best for you!

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