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How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Cold

Tampa people, am I the only one wondering where the hell this cold rainy weather came from? Like most of you I enjoy my nice warm winters in Tampa. I love knowing I can throw on a light scarf if needed and take if off by noon. My skin stays hydrated and glowing all year round. UNTIL days like today. Out of no where the weather shifts from warm and humid (my skin worships the humidity) to freezing cold and rainy. *I am a Tampa native, yes 40 degrees is freezing.

If you're anything like me you're wondering how to manage your Tampa Skincare regiment with such drastic weather changes. Here are a couple of my go to spa favorites that I like to educate my clients in Tampa with so their skin looks amazing no matter what.

I would always say hydrate! Hydration is key and it's normally easier said than done. Make sure to drink plenty of water, supplement with something like our AMAZING Skinade drinkable collagen and hydration magic drink.

Exfoliate! Now is the perfect time to get those resurfacing Image Skincare Customized Couture Chemical peels, or medical microdermabrasion treatments at Nichole Lancaster Aesthetics in Tampa. Both of these fabulous skin treatments will exfoliate all of the dead dry skin, leaving beautiful more hydrate skin. Another fun effect is that your products can penetrate deeper once that dead skin is gone, so your results are working at the very best.

Body scrubs are always a good idea in the cold. They get rid of your dry itchy skin giving a softer more hydrated feel.

Hydrate topically with your favorite Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C products. These are my go to in the cold HA or Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times it weight in water. This moisture magnet when used as a serum under your moisturizer will help to lock in the water from your other products. Vitamin C Creams like the Image Skincare Vit C Hydrating cream can work wonders in cold conditions. This cream will help keep a beautiful glow to your skin all while supplying it with the nutrients and hydration it needs.

*Remember your skin is most dehydrated at night so ALWAYS do your night skincare routine*

My last go to is sleep with a humidifier. Just remember the more hydration and moisture you can get to your skin the easier it is to heal it's self keep the skin healthy and looking young.

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