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Getting Rid of Peach Fuzz

Most of us women struggle with some sort of facial hair. An occasional black hair on the chin (when did that pop up?), unruly eyebrows, or even a face full of fine baby soft hair so endearingly termed peach fuzz. But what's the best way to get rid of that unwanted hair without the pain of waxing and without making it grow back thicker and my coarse.

At Nichole Lancaster Aesthetics in Tampa my favorite way of removing fine facial hair is a processed called Dermaplaning. In this process I use a sterile Scalpel to shave the face removing all unwanted hair and creating a deep exfoliation. Now I know the old wives tale you're probably asking yourself, "Won't my hair come back darker and thicker?" Well that's just not true.

Science has shown that the only ways to stimulate hair growth in vellus hair or peach fuzz is by heat, removing the hair from the follicle (waxing or tweezing) or some sort of internal factor like hormones or medications. Shaving of your facial hair is an amazing way to get smooth skin with out causing more growth. A bonus to this hair removal process is that your skin is more smooth, less dry, brighter, firmer and all around healthier thanks to the exfoliation process.

Click here to book your Dermaplane Facial at Nichole Lancaster Aesthetics in Tampa.

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