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How to get a Custom Lash Look

Individuality is what makes each of us uniquely beautiful.

Most of my lash extension clients in Tampa like to have a eyelash extension look uniquely customized for their eyes and life style. But how to we decide on what lash look is best of them.

There are many different curls, weights and techniques to synthetic and natural eyelashes. The application of synthetic lashes truly an art.

Upon your arrival you will have a consultation where we will decide what lash look you're trying to achieve. I'll analyze a few factors of your eye shape and suggest which curls and lengths I think are best to give you the lash look you're requesting.

There are also different techniques which make your lashes longer or thicker, we will go over those options as well. After a few lifestyle questions we should have a definite plan of action on how to achieve your customized Synthetic Eyelash Extensions.

For examples of lash looks click here or visit my IG @nlaesthetics

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