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Not all Eyelash Glues Create a Pleasant Experience

Borboleta #5

Eyelash Extensions are being offered at every dayspa, medpsa and beauty bar in the Tampa Bay Area, but what are the important questions to ask?

Sure you want to know your tech's experience and what type of lash look you want but have you thought about the glue? I get a lot of my clients coming in telling me their past eyelash glue experiences. Some were too thick, some had their natural lashes stuck together by the glue, some have even said the fumes from the eyelash extension glue made their eyes water and their experience unpleasant. So what makes glues different and which glue is right for you?

I have found that most of my clients love (and so do I) a Latex and Formaldehyde free glue like Borboleta Beauty's No5.

The adhesive in this formulation is Cyanoacrylate. This ingredient tends to have lower fumes, less irritation and less allergic reactions than formaldehyde. I also love that this glue is one of the purest eyelash extension glue in the industry.

Formaldehyde is a high fume, toxic ingredient that is used for adhesion and preservation of eyelash extension adhesives. These glues do tend to have a longer retention period, but come with a less pleasant and high risk experience.

When it comes to eyelash extensions in Tampa make sure you're asking the right questions to have a safe, pleasant and healthy experience.

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