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What are Synthetic Lash Extensions?

Semi Permanent or Synthetic Eyelash Extensions are the hottest trend in the Tampa area right now. Synthetic Eyelashes come as individual lashes that look and feel like your natural lash. The lashes I love to use are by Borboleta Beauty. These gorgeous lashes have a matte black finish and are made of synthetic yarn to give a beautiful and natural flexibility. 

The lashes are pulled one at a time from the tray of lashes, dipped in a low fume eyelash glue and applied to one of your natural lashes. Applying only one of these lashes to only one of your natural lashes ensures proper application and longevity of your lash set.

These lashes last 4-6 weeks with fills completed at 2-3 weeks. Since these lashes are attached to your natural hair you should lose between 2-5 a day with your natural hair growth cycle. 

These are different from Volume Lashes in Tampa because these Synthetic Classic Lashes are heavier and longer. Applying more than one of these to your natural lash could easily damage your lash due to the weight of the synthetic eyelash. 

Classic Synthetic Lashes are a great way to experience lashes for the first time and for ONLY $99 it's not a huge investment! Click here to BOOK NOW.

Check out more pictures under my eyelash page and follow me on IG @nlaesthetics to get more up to date photos. 

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