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What my Clients Love about LED Photo Therapy

LED is a wave length of light used for many different technologies. In skincare we use multiple colors of LED Phototherapy to treat a few different skin concerns. Unlike UV LED is a safe wavelength of light so no risks or side effects have ever been documented. 

Most of my clients in the Tampa Bay, Odessa and Westchase area love either the Blue or Red light. 

Blue light is amazing at killing the active acne bacteria on you skin helping to heal and prevent break outs while the red is healing. Red light phototherapy stimulates collagen and elastin to heal, plump, tighten and smooth out your skin. 

Whichever color of LED Phototherapy you choose it's best to do a series of treatments 1 a week for 6 weeks to really jump start your results. Click here to book your treatment today. 

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