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To pop or not to pop... that is the pimple question

I get this question a lot from my acne clients here in Tampa. Some of my acne clients just get the occasional hormonal break out but some of my clients have chronic active acne.

Small or large no matter the size of the zit we all tend to think our pimple is the size of Mount Everest. Most of us do not want to walk around town with a pus filled pimple or pimples on our face so we pick. But what is the best and safest way to do that without breaking your skin, spreading bacteria and leaving a scab or spot on your face.

  • Always make sure your skin is warm and clean, either just after a shower or by steaming your skin. This allows the skin to be nice and soft making extractions a dream.

  • DO NOT USE your dirty fingers or dirty nails. Wash your hand before attempting to pop any pimples. Use q tips if you have them or wrap your fingers in tissues or cotton. Covering your fingers will keep your skin safe.

  • If nothing comes out STOP don't keep trying. If you can't get it to pop don't keep trying just leave it be and it will go away on its own. If you keep trying to extract something that's not ready you can cause a lot more damage. The pimple has the potential to break under the skin spreading bacteria and making the zit spread or last longer than it would have. Potentially even leaving acne scarring or an indention in your skin.

  • Last spot treat with an acne treatment. If you have Salicylic Acid, BPO or a Retinal on hand post extractions is a great time to spot treat your acne to help heal and dry up faster.

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