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My Favorite Skincare for Summer

We all know or at least have felt that our skin changes with the seasons. I know lately with all the rain and humidity here in Tampa my skin has been more oily than normal. Not only do I have to worry about a shiny t-zone I have to worry about brown spots (sun damage) and wrinkles or trying to prevent both. Here's my AM and PM beauty routine for summer to protect nourish and heal my skin all summer

  1. Am and Pm Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Wash. This foaming wash is so gentle you can use it to remove eye makeup. It balancing and nourishes the skin without leaving it oily or dry. 

  1. Am and Pm Image Skincare Intensive Bleaching Serum. With a 2% Hydroquinone this serum puts the cells that create the brown spots in your skin at rest preventing future damage. This serum is also amazing for breaking up current Hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and Melasma. 

  2. Pm Only Image Skincare Hydrating Vit C Serum. Vit C is a must in Tampa or Florida in general. Vit C protects against the environment (sun damage, smoke, pollution) it also brightens and tightens the skin while also stimulating collagen for anti aging benefits. 

  3. Pm Only Image Skincare Ageless Creme. This creme is packed with Glycolic and retinoic acids to help your skin turn over. Lowering congestion in your skin and stimulating new skin cells. 

  4. Am Only Image Skincare Matte SPF. The mattifying properties in this SPF are amazing. It also has the added benefit of an oil free moisturizer stopping you from adding an additional product underneath. I love the zinc and titanium protect my skin without putting chemicals inside of it. 

I carry all of these products so call or text me to get your skin the healthiest this season 💜 

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