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5 Reasons to give Volume Lashes a Try

We've all heard of the latest and greatest Lash trend in Tampa the Russian Volume technique , but what exactly is it and why should you lash lovers give it a try? Synthetic babes this is an upgrade to your normal lash look. Here's 5 reasons you should give Volume Lashes a try.

  • Get a more full and fluffy lash look. Volume Lashes are multiple light Lashes per your one natural lash. The length is kept short so you get a fluffy full look from this technique.

  • It's safe for your lashes. I only apply a certain number of lashes and a certain length of lash depending on the health and current state of your natural lash.

  • 💯 Waterproof. Lash extensions are 100% water proof which is amazing and convenient for our Florida Summers at the beach.

  • Easy to clean. Keep your Russian Volume Lashes looking full and gorgeous by keeping them clean. Keep make up and oily products off the lashes, make sure to brush at least once a day, and clean them with a fluffy brush and lash cleaner morning and night.

  • Be unique and upgrade your lash look. Volume Lashes are an advanced lash technique with only a few lash artists certified in the Tampa Area.

When applied correctly this is a gorgeous lash look. Book your appointment now to get luxurious eyelash extensions in Tampa/Westchase.

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