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Silk Volume Lashes or the technique commonly referred to as Russian Volume Lash Extensions in Tampa is the hottest lash look and a personal favorite. This lash look uses multiple light weight Silk Lashes applied to one of your natural lashes. Giving you more Volume than Classic synthetic lashes and Hybrid lashes. Volume Lashes are a safe beautiful way to get more dramatic eyelash extensions without being too artificial looking or heavy. See the pictures below for some examples of Silk Volume Lash Extensions by Nichole Lancaster Aesthetics in Tampa. 

Eyelash extensions or semi-permanent lashes are the hottest trend in Tampa. Lash Extensions are the process of applying individual synthetic or mink lashes to your natural lashes giving you longer, thicker more gorgeous lashes. 
With years of experience Nichole has invested time and money in to several lash extension manufacturer and technique trainings. Her latest advanced training was a volume training with the fabulous Borboleta Beauty.
Nichole offers classic synthetic lashes, mink lashes, and the advanced Russian volume lashes from her studio in Tampa, Fl.
With different options in the type of lash and technique Nichole can offer you a customized lash look to meet your lash goals.  

Check out some of Nichole's work below and click the book now button to get your lash extensions started.

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